Why Should I Get IT Advice?

IT is easy, isn’t it?

For most people using IT, or information technology, is an extension of what they do already. We take the use of technology for granted because we are so used to it in our everyday lives. For many of us it is second nature, now that the smart phone is the first thing we reach for in the morning. So we don’t think we would benefit from professional advice when it comes to our business lives.

A little knowledge…

It is true that improvements in IT and computing products have made many of them easy to use. Many hardware solutions are designed to be plug and play with minimal configuration. This makes them ideal in most scenarios, however some caution may be necessary. Using the simple ‘out of the box’ set up might leave security vulnerabilities such as default password. Furthermore, you could miss out on the very features your business needs. Software solutions have also become more consumer friendly over the years. However, the best software for use at home may not have all the features required for commercial purposes.

To get IT Advice will cost too much

One of the main reasons people avoid professional advice is cost. Organisations think that quality IT advice is expensive and so prefer to rely on their own capabilities. This idea is supported by the fact that there are a wealth of resources available to help. Most problems can be solved with the use of the internet. Even a brief search can deliver comprehensive explanations of most technology. However, this can lead to a couple of issues. Firstly, you may try to follow some guidance and simply make mistakes. Some technology can be susceptible to even a small degree of mis-configuration. Secondly, the guidance available may not be a good fit for your organisation. After all, it is easy to buy items online, only to find out that when they are delivered the don’t look the same or do the job you expected.

What should it cost?

It is worth remembering that IT service companies want your business. To get your business they have to prove to you that they can help. If they think there will be more work then they will provide advice at a reasonable price. IT companies are also used to answering questions from existing customers and so can often provide ready made advice. After all it doesn’t hurt to ask the question of a potential service provider to see what response you get.

Dialog is best

Finally, think about the best advice you ever received regardless of the topic. It was probably in response to a genuine need. Moreover, it probably came as part of a conversation where you outline a problem or question and somebody provided the advise. More than likely, this was not a simple request and response, but a dialog where information flowed in both directions. This is especially effective as you can clarify your issue or problem and the advisor can be very clear about their suggested solution. IT advice is no different in that respect. The better the advisor understands the problem the better the quality of the advice.

If this has whetted your appetite or you just wish to have an initial discussion. Then Smart IT 4U would be more that happy to start that conversation.