Do I Need an IT Project Manager

Often when faced with a desire to implement a piece of technology, organisations will take on the burden of implementing that technology without any professional support. Clearly not all decisions or implementations warrant the use of project management, but often that additional perspective can prove invaluable. In this article I will attempt to outline some of the reasons that might make you reconsider the need for professional support.

This article focusses on the role of an IT project manager. An IT Project Manager is somebody that has been trained to deliver technology projects. In this context a technology project could be the use of a new piece of software or installing a new piece of technical equipment. Usually, an experienced IT project manager will have dealt with many users, probably in multiple locations and often with a range of skills and capabilities. In essence a good IT project manager is an adaptable problem solver.

Do I Need An IT PM?

So, do I need an IT Project Manager? One easy way to think about the problem is whether or not you understand exactly what you want to achieve. You wouldn’t build a house without an architect and a project manager. However, if you wanted to change a light bulb you would happily do so without help. Likewise, if you wanted to buy a piece of software and install it for use by a small number of people you probably wouldn’t need any additional support. If you wanted to enable all your employees to work from home that might be a different matter.

An experienced IT project manager will help you by ensuring that your goals are clear and achievable. They can help you agree a sensible cost and ensure that the benefits exceed the costs. One of the fundamentals of good project management is ensuring that the project is worthwhile. All projects deliver benefits or provide advantages to the organisation undertaking the project, if not, then there is no point starting the project. However, they usually come at a cost and comparing the costs to the benefits is a key project management skill.

Managing Risks

Delivering projects can be complex and risky. Risks in the world of project management are those things that can stop a project from delivering the benefits you expect or from delivering the project at all. A good IT project manager will identify the risks and identify the best ways to manage them. They will work with you to spot the things that might go wrong and to help you avoid the problems before they have a significant impact.

One of the key advantages of using an IT project manager is that you will gain access to their experience. If it is the first time you have implemented a software system, you may not anticipate all the potential problems. A relatively small amount of experienced project management support can pay dividends by helping you avoid common mistakes.

Still not sure.

This article only scratches the surface of what an IT project manager can do to ensure a project is successful. Whether you need a full time project manager to take your project from start to finish or a small amount of independent advice. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.