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Most organisations recognise the value of cloud computing, but identifying the best ways to exploit this crucial technology may require some assistance and Smart IT 4U are well placed to support you with your adoption plans.

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Cloud Adoption

Most modern businesses will have heard of Cloud Computing, but what exactly does it mean and how can you use it to your advantage. Information technology refers to the use of technology and technological systems to process information. Generally this means using computers or other similar devices to store and manipulate information, or data, to achieve a particular purpose. That could be using a spreadsheet or accounts package to budget or keep track of business expenses or using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to maintain and manage customer details or sales information. Whatever specific business objective you want to achieve you will likely need somewhere to store data and some form of computing power to process that data.

Typically in the recent past those computers have been desktop or laptop computers that can be individually or, more commonly, connected together via a network. Connecting computers together enables the information and processing to be shared by more than one person, thus enhancing your organisational productivity. However, these computers  still need to be located in a physical space, whether that is in your office or a dedicated location for hosting computers such as a data centre. Either way there are some drawbacks to managing and maintaining computers in this way.

To overcome some of these challenges many organisations are moving to cloud computing where businesses can access the computing resources they need from large global companies on a pay as you use basis. There are a range of these capabilities available such as Microsoft’s Azure, Google’s Cloud and Amazon’s Web Services. Using these cloud offerings companies no longer need to install all the expensive computer hardware previously required to enable sophisticated computing, but can instead, use what they need when they need it.

As always, understanding how best to use this wealth or new opportunities is not a straightforward undertaking and so Smart IT 4U are ready and keen to assist.

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Enable greater business efficiency through the adoption of cloud computing whilst improving organisational resilience.

One of the main advantages of hosting your computing capability in the cloud is greater accessibility away from the office. Whether that is as simple as cloud storage for shared documents to enable your team to work from any location to the full breadth of cloud based software that enables multi-national businesses to be operated from anywhere. You can share in this revolution and not only is it likely it make you more efficient it also enables greater organisational resilience.